Yesterday, I got to go on a fun adventure with a wonderful teacher friend! Somehow, even though we both went to UK for the same graduate program, we never became friends until we randomly wound up teaching at the same little school in Kenton County. Now, we don’t know how we would make it there without each other. She’s great! Anyway, we scored some sweet seats at Rupp to yesterday’s basketball game against Rider. It was so strange to sit down at the game. I’m used to standing in the student section next to screaming, painted, shirtless fans!

The drive (and the QDoba) following the game really didn’t agree with me. Don’t judge me, but after cuddling up to watch some cartoons with Bob, I went to bed at 8:30. Bob snuck silently off to church this morning, and didn’t even wake me. I slept for a complete twelve hours. It was beautiful. When I woke up, I just didn’t want to get out of the warmth and the coziness that is my bed, so I reached over to the night stand and read this little wonder until I had turned the last page.

like The Screwtape Letters on laughing gas . . .

Thank God for a lazy and cozy Sunday morning.

Stay tuned for pictures from a little party we’re throwing tonight: Thanksgivapalooza 2009. The holidays are finally here!