When  you teach English, you can make words up — hence the name of the party.

After my lazy little morning yesterday, I was actually a very busy little bee! Let’s be honest, my hubby did all of the cooking. He usually does. However, I can’t stand having people over without first . . .

Cleaning House

Then, in order to accommodate lots of fun and hungry people into our little apartment, our friend came over to help us move the furniture!

Here's the living room all opened up.

We made lots of extra space for food in the dining area.

Borrowed TV Trays from Grandma

This year, thanks to some practice, some foresight, and some adorable vintage TV trays, we worked it out so that everyone got to eat facing everyone else, and so that no one had to go wait in a line in the kitchen to get food.  We set up a little buffet table in the dining area. Take a look!

The Feast