Well, not really — but I’m letting myself get excited about it anyway.

Our Tree

People are weird about Christmas. It’s a divisive issue. I’m not even talking about “The War on Christmas,” which I’m pretty sure is just conservative people worrying about the word “holiday” stealing people away from Jesus. No. I’m talking about the tradition that can inspire anger in even the most cheerful Christmas-lover: decorations.

Some people say that after Halloween it’s okay. For some, though, seeing Santa before November induces the urge to punch someone in the face. Others insist on waiting until December 1st. Hard-line traditionalists call it a sin to put up a wreath until after the official start of Advent per the church calendar.

I’m an after-Thanksgiving girl. The holiday (or Christmas, if the h-word ticks you off) season, for me, is like a distance race. Setting up your ornaments in October is like sprinting the first mile of a marathon. You just can’t sustain that type of energy through the first of the year.

Yesterday, Bob and I set up our Christmas tree. We put out an Advent wreath, an Advent calendar, and some lights on our little balcony. It’s not even December yet, I know. Sue me.

from up close . . .

I know that Jesus is about more than Christmas, and that this season has turned into a gross consumerist mess, but these little things (the tree, the wreath, the calendar, the lights), if I let them, soften me a bit — in a good way.