Only once in my whole life have I read The Bible from cover to cover.

This is a problem.

So . . . with a little push from someone who knows what’s good for me . . . I’m doing it again.

It really is astounding how slow I am, but then, I hate to say it: it really is astounding how boring some of the Old Testament is. Yesterday, I finished . . .


I’ve done Old Testament Bible Studies alone and with groups. I’ve prayed, and I’ve even got someone to talk it over with now, who’s reading it with me. It’s just . . . well . . .

I fell in love with Scripture as a teenager because of the drama, the wisdom, the inspiration, the unbelievable mercy, and the promises that my heart had been longing for all of my life. It’s all there. (It really is!)

I never did really care much, however, for the  “census of the whole Israelite community” (Numbers 26:2).

But here I am, in the beginning of a journey through the story that all of our other stories are really all about. With some patience, some discipline, and an ample amount of grace, I trust I’ll get to the good parts soon enough.