St. Nick’s Day. I used to hate it. Kids would come to school bragging about that Mattel Brand dolls or trucks that this St. Nick character left them in their stockings. “WTF?” I thought, in the language that my elementary school brain would have used to express such a sentiment. “Who is this St. Nick character, and why does he hate me?”

Now that I’ve married a German Catholic, St. Nick is trying to make it up to me. I’m still bitter, but I’m coming around slowly.

This year, actually, my St. Nick gift was quite special. My husband secured for us a family heirloom nativity set, and then crafted the barn by hand! It is one of those holiday decor items that I know we will treasure always. How thoughtful . . .

Then, we got to celebrate my birthday (finally/again) with some tickets that he gave me as a gift when I turned the quarter-century mark at the end of September.

Sleeping Beauty at Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati

It was cute, silly, and fun. If you have never seen a show at ETC, I highly recommend it! I’ve only been to two shows, but have really been impressed with the creativity of each. It’s a pretty neat space, and they bring in lots of talent.

We were one of the few couples at the show who didn’t bring kids. That happens to us a lot. I feel good about it. We’re young at heart, right?