I've seen it twice, so far.

I like this movie for a few reasons . . .

1) I didn’t have to see any excessive blood, and I didn’t have to watch anybody have sex. This is a rare quality in popular movies, and I appreciate it more than I can possibly describe.

2) It highlights the injustices that America’s poor deal with — living in sub-human conditions just a few short miles away from mansions.

3) It communicates the truth about kids who grow up without a strong family environment: their best last hope is one person, one mentor (if that’s what you want to call it) to care for them unconditionally.

Okay, I know that it is kind of silly, feel-good movie, but it seems proper that I watched it again last night. I’m having some trouble dealing with an issue at work, and it has to do with a troubled student and the need for a caring/knowledgeable mentor.

I try not to take anything that happens at work personally. It’s funny, though, how I can come home on a day when multiple students have cussed me out, yelled at me, called me a horrible teacher/person, and not worry about it; but when an adult with whom I work gives me reason to think that I do not do the best job that I possibly can, I get frustrated all weekend. I just had to do the thing where you write an email for therapy reasons, and then erase it. Pathetic, right? Ugh . . .

All I can do is pray for the best for this student, and remember that it’s not about me.

It looks like my Sunday with consist of other therapeutic activities, including two things that always make me feel like  a brand new woman: cleaning (weird, I know) and some yoga. Both of those are far less pathetic and more productive than writing/deleting passive-aggressive emails.

Oh, yeah, and if you haven’t seen The Bind Side, I highly recommend it — very family friendly!