As a teacher, my flash drive is was my life. I had to have it at home. I had to have it at school. I had to bring it to meetings. Not only does it have my unit plans, lesson plans, curriculum maps, tests, quizzes, daily bell-ringers, and handouts, but it also holds my dance team’s performance schedule, their conditioning list, and their roster/contact information. It was even home to my Christmas list (for myself and for others) and all of my pictures! I have had too many technological disasters to only save files to a computer, so it seemed like the only good option.

It seemed like it, until my sweet co-worker suggested I try dropbox, and I feel like you should, too! First of all, it is way safer than just saving stuff in one spot, it’s free, and you can use it anywhere! Plus, if you download it — even if you don’t do anything with it, I get some more free space!

Hooray for lots of space!