. . . are hilarious in our home.

While teaching high school hardly brings home a huge paycheck, I am most certainly the bread-winner for us. Meanwhile, my husband’s flexible graduate-student schedule and talent in the kitchen has awarded him the high honor of master chef of our home. It’s true. Every weekday, I come home from work, and he has dinner all ready. It’s adorable. Some days, when he doesn’t have class, he sees me off in the morning, and bakes/cooks all day while I’m out. It works for us, and since we are both relatively traditionalist in many ways, we find it pretty darn amusing.

Since we spent all day visiting family, I will not post much today, but will leave you with some of his kitchen successes.

Tomato Sauce -- yum!

Fresh bread? Yes, please!

I’m a pretty fortunate little wife-y. I know.