That’s what I feel like today, and it isn’t even Christmas, yet!

Last night, to celebrate my fantastic brother’s birthday, my family and I ate here.

The Olive Garden

While the meal was super-delicious, it left me feeling like this. The giant dinner that I ate on Sunday at a different family birthday party probably didn’t help. It’s the holidays, and right now, in our kitchen, our refrigerator is full of tasty leftovers, and there is quite literally a tower of treats on our counter-top, thanks to generous family and friends. I can hardly keep it all from taking over our kitchen, and my waistline.

It’s not that I’m complaining. I actually love sweets, and never diet. I prefer to stay active rather than count calories, and it seems to work fine. I have never been one of those girls who worries about what her body looks like. Thankfully, I learned at an early age that my body was not for looking at, but for doing.  What a terrible and malicious lie that so many women are taught to believe — that their worth is in their appearance, their beauty in the numbers on a scale. I hope that I am never convinced of this. I want to always believe that a beautiful woman is someone who does beautiful things.

So, maybe I don’t look like a blob, and maybe it wouldn’t really matter if I did. In fact, I am kind of afraid to post this, because I know that somebody will be all: Oh, Shannon, I hate you. How could you complain? You are, like, SO skinny! God! So what? If I feel like a blob, well, that’s not very fun. Blobs aren’t very pretty. Blobs aren’t very smart. Blobs are neither useful, talented, helpful, nor sexy. I don’t want to be a blob.

My guess is that I’m not the only one who feels this way. I guess this for two reasons. 1) Because it is the holidays, after all, and there are tons of cookies/candy/cakes in most people’s kitchens right now. 2) Because I am very well-marketed to, and the advertising goddess of not-being-fat sent me an email this morning right after I got done bitching complaining to my ever-so-patient husband about feeling blob-y. (He doesn’t care/understand, and probably wouldn’t notice if I gained 50 pounds. God love him.) Maybe you have been feeling blob-y, too. (the bringer of the e-mail tips and advertisements) has lots of positive and free suggestions to keep your happy/healthy endorphins running through all of your holiday food-fests. I read through all of the articles/tips, and I think the one that I like the best is using parties and big meals as a reward for a good work-out. So, I think that today, before our movie-marathon, I will spend some quality time doing yoga with my man Rodney Yee. He always makes me feel better.