This year, Christmas has been a wee bit dramatic in my family. We are kind of spread out, and everyone has different plans. My entire immediate family wanted so badly for the extended LaSala bunch to all be together for Christmas, but it just wasn’t in the stars this year. It was a disappointment, and I think it has been difficult for all of us to swallow.

Perhaps next year.

My little family is the only one of the bunch that moved out of Michigan, so we usually travel up that way this time of year. This year, it looked like any travel in that direction would involve a hotel room, so we decided to stick to our old Kentucky home.

However, we did convince my uncle to come down and join us in some holiday cheer after the official holiday was over. It is cute how excited we all were to show him a fantastic Christmas time. We spent one day taking him skating and all around downtown, and then we took him to The Festival of Lights!

I think that my favorite part was my uncle taking took video camera of every little thing that he thought his daughter would like to see. What a great papa!

I do wish that my aunt and cousin could have come with him. We all really missed them both.

Now, he is back at home in cold Michigan, and I think that my Christmas activities have pretty much come to an end.