I’m braggin’ on my friends again. This time, it’s Emily Howard, who has been drawing/painting/creating for as long as I have known her. And that’s over 15 years. That’s all the way back to when she had a bowl cut. (I love you, Em!) She just opened her own Etsy shop (lucky you!), and she has some amazing woodcuts and paintings. She also sews some really cute aprons. I’ve purchased two to give as gifts, and the already adorable recipients look even more scrumptious cooking in these.

I’ve also been lucky enough to get a few of her items as gifts in the past, including this print, entitled “The Ravens Tell Me”

I love the repetition in this one.

and a cute little yoga bag for my mat!

Cute + Convenient

See all of Emily’s amazing creations at The Diggingest Girl on Etsy! Happy browsing!