I considered just showing a picture in this post, for the humor that lies in brevity. However, this fail is so much more than what you would see. I have to retrace my steps to truly understand how I got here.

1. Last year, for Christmas, I bought my husband some clothes. His presents weren’t all clothes, but in my little mind I thought that if I bought him nice clothes, he might not wear t-shirts with robots on them all the time.

2. All last year, he still wore t-shirts with robots. The sweaters (manly and comfortable, I promise!) went un-touched, living a lonely and pathetically useless existence deep within the bowels of our walk-in closet.

3. In December, things started looking up for our poor sweaters. My husband started wearing them, and liking them(?)! It was a start. This made my heart happy.

4. There is one sweater that I found particularly charming on him, a forest green with a very subtle (not preppy) argyle pattern. He wore it to church this weekend, and I was oh-so-proud of his handsomeness on display sans-robot screen-print. Then, I did this.

This is a sweater that fits Bob.

And here (now) is his green sweater.

Note to Self: Do NOT put sweaters in the dryer!