Today is a unique type of snow day here in my area.

It is actually snowing.

I am not complaining about randomly having days off, just making fun of the sensationalism that goes along with a single flake of snow in Kentucky. It doesn’t even have actually snow to get everybody all excited. When the weather forecast started showing the possibility of a few inches of snow, my school called a two-hour delay. My prediction is that local grocery stores are out of eggs, milk, bread, and matches. I stay the hell away from there during times like this. It’s like the mall on December 23rd, church on Easter, or the gym in January.

While I should spend the day lesson planning for next week like a good little teacher, so far I have spent it playing with a new toy . . .

(my first ever iPod)

carefully spending some Christmas money on a casual coat that I have had my eye on . . .

(on clearance!)

and wishing that I could do this . . .

(I have never been a good napper.)

Isn’t my husband a great napper?

He’s going to hate me.