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How do you feel about change?

There is something so fantastic and so exciting about the new. A new friendship. A new romance. A new computer. New shoes. New apartment. New job. Seeing something or trying something for the first time. Most things are only new that one time. Unfortunately, the crisp and hopeful newness wears away.

And then there is the familiar. Your parents’ house. An old friend. A familiar coffee shop. Your favorite jeans. A hug or a kiss from one who has loved you for many, many years. Your favorite meal. A job, activity, or hobby that you have spent years upon years to cultivate.

Many people spend their lives deciding that they want one or the other. We are either liberals or conservatives, risk-takers or too careful, adventurers or homebodies, when it would seem that we were meant to have both. Our desire for the fresh and new as well as our desire for the traditional and familiar are both good, and I am reminded of that when I step out of my back door and see this.

While it happens every single year, it is still exciting and pleasing and new every time! Just like the flowers in the spring, the sun in the summer, and the colors in the autumn.