Bob likes going to the museum. I prefer the ballet.

As part of our plan to stay away from any gifts that have “dust collector” potential, we both surprised each other this Christmas with tickets. I got him some tickets to see an exhibit I knew he would like at the Museum Center, and he got me some tickets to see the Cincinnati Ballet.

Honestly, this is a much bigger sacrifice for him than it is for me. I know he thinks he will bored at the ballet, and I actually really like the museum. I mean, what kind of adventurer wouldn’t love a date with old maps, wooden ships, and scary skeletons?

I rarely see skeletons at the ballet.

One last thing. (Then, I have to make up my sub plans for this week, B-O-R-I-N-G.) The song, “The Compromise“, from which I stole my post title, is by a delightful band called The Format that no longer exists. You should listen to this song when no one is around, and then jump/dance around.

I mean . . . I don’t do that, but you might want to try. I hear it’s a good time.