Have you been watching?

I have to admit that I have, here and there. I squeeze it in via Hulu when I can. Obviously, given my current career, I can certainly relate. Many of my students, especially those who, like me, tend to veer far away from the beaten path, have really found comfort in the show’s focus on the misfits, the students who are just a little bit off-center. These are the students with whom I usually most easily build relationships. We recognize each other. We’re weird.

This morning, two of those students, inspired by the show, cornered me (during my dreaded morning hall duty — I’m like a sitting duck out there, an open target). They asked me, in all seriousness, if I would sponsor their Glee Club.


“We’ll do everything,” they said. “We already have a plan. We just need a faculty member at our practices. Really. You wouldn’t have to do anything!”

I’d love to say that I stared those two precious little hopeful children and said, “Nope.” Unfortunately, it seems that 2.5 years of teaching high school has not completely hardened my heart to such things.

So I’m doing it tomorrow.

I’m definitely going to say “no” tomorrow.