Yesterday, I got a rejection email from a really cool program that I applied to teach for this summer. I didn’t even get an interview. Bummer.

Today, I got a complaint email from a parent who thinks that I am not doing what I need to do to teach her child. Big bummer.

I tend to let these things get to me, as, for some reason, a mystery even to my own parents, I have always been hard on myself — always expected a lot of myself. When something around me goes wrong, I normally jump to assume full responsibility, and begin apologizing profusely, even if I’m not really sure what happened. So, of course, when I start to doubt my abilities in teaching (something I really think I started doing when I was twelve), it is hard to stay positive, and to heed the words of the Lord in Joshua 1:9.

Be strong? Be courageous? But it’s so hard!

Prayers, please!