Okay. I’ll precede this little rant with the fact that I just posted a positive mini-review of this novel on my teacher blog — mostly because I want to encourage my students to read, and I know they love this stuff.

And the truth is, I couldn’t put it down. Even when I read the heartbreaking ending (which, at that point, I could tell was inevitable), I was still enamored of the whole story. I completely gave in to the romance of it, because I wanted to.

However . . . let’s get real. Beyond the simple fact that summer flings rarely turn into anything lasting, and that the two main characters exhibit recklessness with their commitments, when I think of my little high school girls eating this up (which I, admittedly did), I have a few concerns with the main characters. I could probably write an essay about the character flaws in both of the protagonists, but spending my Saturday night cleaning the kitchen is probably all of the lameness that I should take on for now.