I posted earlier about some of the issues that I had with Dear John (the book).

This past weekend, I went to see the movie with some awesome girls with whom I have the pleasure of working every day. It sure is fabulous to get to spend some time with them outside of the school building. Anyway, we spent a couple of  hours watching the movie, and then, of course, afterward, had to do a quick compare/contrast with the book — landing at the predictable conclusion that the book, with all of its complex relationships, was better than the movie.

This movie was just about what I expected: nothing special.

Here’s some personal advice, though, for anyone considering seeing it.

Do go see Dear John if you like to see Channing Tatum in a uniform. (Honestly, who doesn’t?)

Do not go see Dear John if you are an emotional wreck who just dropped off your husband (who you love much more than any man in uniform) at the airport to go overseas.