After a bad day at work, I was really looking forward to a kick-butt run. I had some big hills planned and some calming music on my iPod. Sometimes, when I’m stressed, it helps me to “run it out.” It gives me some time to myself, and the more intense my workout, the more I’m forced to toss the silly things that are bothering me out of my head and focus on pushing forward. The fact that it was drizzling on my way out the door hardly bothered me. I actually love running in the rain, especially when I’m using my workout as a healthy(?) substitute for punching someone or screaming into a pillow.

Then it started raining harder.

“Bring it on!” I thought.

Then it started to thunder and lightning.

“Ha! Is that all ya got, Mother Nature? Love it!”

It was not, however, all that Mother nature had “got.”

Right as I pulled into the park where I normally start my run, hail started hitting my windshield.

So, unfortunately, today remains “one of those days.”

Hopefully, I’ll be able to turn it around with some podcasts from Yoga Journal. (Thanks, Corey, for the tip!)