I can’t stay on topic.

I’ve read that if you want to develop a group of followers who read your blog, what you need to do is pick something and stick with it. Crafts? Cooking? Health? Feminism? Literature? Romance? Just pick one thing. That way, you’ll find an audience.

I can’t do it.

For as long as I understood that there were choices in life, I’ve been a horrible decision-maker. In my family, even as a little girl, I was known as a Wembler.

Those of you who have seen Jim Henson's amazing kid's show, Fraggle Rock, will know what this means.

Yesterday, I made a serious post about vegetarianism that generated some good online conversation about how we should eat. It even made it on some obscure animal rights website.

Today, my post is about pants.

These pants, to be precise.

I like ’em. That’s all.