Hello, friends! In light of our recent decision to seriously consider becoming homeowners, Bob and I have had house-hunting on the brain. He has been going over finances, budgets, and doing the math. I have been daydreaming of all the features on my own home wish-list, including the following.

a front yard with space for a flower garden

a back yard with space for a vegetable garden

a porch where I can sit with my books

a basement that we can fix up where we can put the TV (no TV in the living room, please and thank you)

hardwood floors (just don’t really like carpet, for some reason)

sidewalks out front, with plenty of side streets for long and quiet runs

It would also be neat to have three bedrooms for an office and perhaps an extra little Henson one day (calm down, people).

I know I’m just daydreaming. Perhaps our first little house will be something less than all this, and that is just fine with me. I have my man, wherever he is is home to me.

I’m curious, friends. What’s in your ideal home? If you could design one for yourself, what would you do? If you were home shopping, what would you look for?