Doesn’t it seem like these words excuse just about anything?

Right now, I have a mound of clothes that need to be folded sitting on our unmade bed that just marks the start of my mile-long to-do list. But whatever. It’s spring break, right?

Instead of productivity at home, my spring break so far has been about having fun!

Last weekend was all about a big wedding coming up for a close friend. (I’m so excited to be a part of the festivities!) We started the weekend off Friday night with some dancing for her bachelorette party.

Then, on Saturday, the maid of honor threw the most clever bridal shower ever (with a secret theme).

Trust me. If you knew the bride, you would understand how beautifully perfect this really is.

Yesterday, I got to see some out-of-town friends and even (gasp!) sleep some. Then, today, my mom took the day off work to hang out with me. We did our usual: yoga and brunch first . . .

. . . and then shopping until dinner time.

As you can probably tell, my break is being very good to me. I’d bore you some more with my other silly plans, but now, I have a pile of laundry to fold.