This, blog-stalkers, is my (soon-to-be) new kitchen!

What to do, right? Clearly, she needs some work. Right now, it reminds me an awful lot of the kitchen in our apartment. Meh. I don’t have a time-line or a budget, yet, but I do have some ideas to spice up the room that I believe is absolutely the heart of the home!

  1. I’d like to paint these cabinets white (look at these beauties) and add some pretty glass handles.
  2. Next, I’d like to paint the walls something fun to set off the white. (a mint green? a bright yellow? a “pink-ish” color that is a lighter version of the deep red on the wall to the left? other ideas?)
  3. Finally, when monies permit, I’d like to replace the vinyl floor with a dark wood. (It totally doesn’t have to be “real” wood — just not vinyl!)

Any thoughts, friends? Would painting in here, work? Where would I cut off the color on the cathedral ceiling? Will I hate myself for attempting to paint the cabinets white? What else can I do to make it my own?

PS — I have NO idea what I’m doing.