Okay. This one is not a time-waster.


The livestrong.com website has lots of cool tips and tools for healthy living, but my favorite thing is this.

Warning: The following is a pointless rant . . .

I’ve been told that there are two types of runners — those who run for distance and those who run for time. Me? I’m a distance girl. How could you do it any other way? If you just set a time and say you want to finish then, how do you know when/where to turn around and head back? How do you know your pace will be the same as it was for the last mile? Or yesterday? I have tried to run with people who time it like this, and it actually really frustrates me. Where’s the motivation if I have to keep going until the stopwatch beeps? One of the positive bits of self-talk I use to keep going is, “only ____ more miles, Shannon. You get to pick when it’s over.” We all know that I’m no speed demon, but I just have trouble challenging myself if the time, rather than the distance, is constant. (Okay, rant over.)

Anyway, I love the “loop” feature on the livestrong website, because it allows me to pinpoint distances from anywhere I want to begin! It also calculates calories burned and gives me an elevation map!