Here are the things we (and probably dozens of slave laborers volunteer helpers) have done on our new place so far . . .

  • painted all 3 bedrooms (which involved a great deal of disassembling and then re-assembling of light fixtures, window treatments, and closet organizers)
  • ripped up carpet in dining room, living room, and hallway (including sweeping up the hilarious amounts of dust created and individually picking out nails and staples all over the floor)
  • cleaned (and I mean scrubbed) bathrooms, windows, kitchen cabinets (yuck)
  • replaced toilet seats (gross)
  • moved the fridge to the garage — yep (that was scary)
  • vacuumed out vents on floor and walls
  • given one coat (so far) of paint to kitchen, dining room, hallway, entryway — the whole 9 yards, even a few closets
  • had remaining carpets professionally cleaned

Just a few more coats of paint and we’ll be ready to move all of our stuff in! While that doesn’t mean our projects are over, that does deserve two big thumbs up.