I’m here at Western Kentucky University for the AP Summer Institute where I am enrolled in a week long workshop for beginning AP teachers. I’m a huge nerd, because I’m thrilled to be here.

(beautiful campus)

Not only am I excited about talking about great books and teaching strategies for a week, I actually enjoy staying here in the dorms.

(my little dorm bed)

I mean, sure, the mattresses are both loud and uncomfortable, the floors are cold, and the walls are just depressingly bare, but part of me feels at peace here. In a way, I like carrying heavy, new textbooks across campus after class in the rain. I like the fact that I have to use my room key two times just to get in the building. Hanging out in the lobby. Doing my homework late at night. Asking questions in class. Meeting new people who already share similar academic interests. Eating makeshift breakfasts in the room before an early morning jog.

(breakfast of champs)

I like being a teacher and everything, but it’s nice being the student again, too.