Confession: I’ve never read Wuthering Heights. And I’m teaching it next year.

In reading Emily Bronte’s classic this summer, I am struck by Catherine’s wisdom in her insanity. While her selfishness pervades the text, I find her feelings uncomfortably understandable.

(PS — I know she dies. I’m just not there, yet. I feel like I’m getting close?)

When I read her speech to Nelly about Edgar’s proposal and her own response, I could see how Catherine felt that she was accepting the inevitable while leaving her heart behind. I look forward to discussing this passage with my students. Does Catherine’s acceptance of Edgar’s proposal make her a bad person? Is she even capable of loving him? How might things have been different if she had denied him? What options would she have had? I am interested in how Heathcliff seems to be the only thing that takes Catherine’s eyes off of herself.

Just some random ramblings . . .