If I could go back to school for anything (think: I won the lottery, am financially set for life, and hired a live-in maid), I think I might go for women’s/gender studies. I just find the whole area fascinating, and I really know nothing about it. I can tell that I care about it, though, because when I stumble upon something like this, I get all feisty inside. For some reason, even though it has been happening since people could write and think, I can’t stand the idea that people still use religious texts to tell girls that equality is morally wrong. Feminism is defined as social, political, and economic equality between the sexes. Why would any intelligent, strong, faithful, and classy lady (or gentleman, for that matter) be against that?

But then, why do I care so much? I don’t buy the lies, so does it really matter to me what other people think about gender roles?

I suppose that my experience in working with youth as a teacher now and as a volunteer mentor during college has strongly impacted the amount of weight that I give to this issue. If a girl thinks that she cannot, morally, do anything she feels called to do with her life, then my work, as her leader/teacher is that much more difficult.

Maybe I’ll hit you all up with more educated thoughts on these issues after I win the lottery. Or maybe I’ll bat my womanly eyelashes at a rich man and get him to sponsor me.

Just kidding, friends! Just kidding!