Last year, for our 1st wedding anniversary, Bob and I exchanged meaningful gifts. We didn’t go out and buy anything. We each spent weeks working on something very special and secret for the other. I think that both of us will cherish those gifts for years to come.

I went to the pool almost every day last summer, too. It was great, but that’s not happening this year, either.

This summer, we moved into our first house, I took three trips (soon to be four), Bob is on a job hunt, and neither one of us had any romantic gift-giving time or inspiration. (Well, I had an awesome and time-consuming idea, but my schedule prohibited it.)

A few days before our anniversary, I came clean to my patient and loving husband about how I had nothing. No anniversary gift or idea. At all. This must have given the man courage, because he confessed the same. I saw this as my opportunity to be super-honest about what I really wanted . . .

. . . just one whole day to be together — just the two of us.

We spent most of it here.

You can see more pictures of our adventure here.

We hiked, had a picnic, then came home, ate Indian food, and watched a Disney movie. An entire 24 hours with Bob was way better than anything I could get at a store. I think I even liked it better than a whole week of days at the pool.