When I got married, my amazing sister/maid-of-honor, who writes I Like to Paint, gathered advice from every girl at my shower and made me a little book. I uncovered this sweet little artifact as I was unpacking yesterday.

It has a pony on the cover. I love my sister.

Inside, my closest friends share the best advice they ever got from their mother. About marriage. Life. Parenting. Whatever.

I  re-read every word, and I’d like to share some of these gems with my readers.

  • Plan on one more kid once you think you’re done.
  • Say “please” and “thank you.”
  • Always check for toilet paper before you sit down.
  • Be best friends!
  • Don’t chop vegetables when you’re angry.
  • Always pick your battles.
  • The best thing a mother can do for her child is to love his/her father.
  • Always love Jesus first.
  • Don’t do anything stupid.
  • Always check your teeth!

I know lots of ladies don’t really enjoy the silly/obligatory bridal shower games, but this gave everyone some laughs, as well as some lasting wisdom. I’ll definitely consider it the next time I get the chance to plan a shower! Thanks, Dana!