What do you think of the new name? I felt like having my name in the title of this deal was goofy, but perhaps it was more fitting?

I stole the new name was inspired to rename by Anne Lamott, one of my favorite authors, who says you need to start somewhere, and that all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. I admire her for having such a great sense of humor about herself. Writing here about my projects, trials, troubles, and triumphs helps give me a healthy dose of perspective, as well. Doesn’t every good thing we attempt begin with foolishness? I love that that’s okay. How freeing, right?

I’ve been a busy little worker bee this weekend planning for the next few weeks at work (insert nerdy glasses-push here), but I’d like to leave you with some beauties from my non-nerdy, whitewater-rafting, wedding-filled Labor Day weekend with my favorite professor.

Also, I think, at least for now, in blog-land, I might begin referring to my husband as “The Professor.” Maybe?

I dunno . . .

Here are the pretties.

The Nantahala River

an old Appalachian railroad

The Appalachian trail has bars . . . don't know why people make such a big thing of it . . . 🙂

We hiked a little just for fun. I'm definitely hungry for more.

The Professor had to practically pull me out of these woods so we would be on time for rafting.

mighty trees slowly taking over the trail

Mountains make me happy.

I have laundry to do love to keep my readers in suspense, so the party pics will be up another day. Happy Sunday, readers!