I hadn’t read this play since probably Junior or Senior year of college. Thanks, Dana, for getting me to see it!

Watching the play in a University setting was such a treat. I love college campuses, and the atmosphere of a college town. I know Louisville isn’t a college town, but getting to see it through my little sister’s eyes was such a treat. Local food. Inexpensive adventures. Lots of walking. Sucky parking. Funny stories. I loved it all. It made me miss the days when my home was a small and simple dorm room with my best friends. When my biggest problem was understanding an archaic play. Or getting a paper to the Office Tower in the rain.

I’d say there were probably about 50 of us in the little theater on campus. I wonder how many people were at the movies in Louisville that night. I love theater because the performance is just for you, you know? A movie is for a million-bazillion people at anytime in any city. A play, though; it’s just for the 50 people in that room. How special!

I’m random. I know. With my last post about zucchini and this post about the merits of the theater, I should probably focus on one thing for, like, 5 minutes. I just can’t. Don’t judge.

Happy Thanksgiving, Internets!