It’s almost December, friends! Every year, I anticipate Christmas earlier and earlier. Probably some of this is due to getting older, but I think that some of it probably comes from my desire to really enjoy the season of thanksgiving and hope with the ones I love the most. So many of my days are a blur, and I don’t want to short-change Christmastime by wasting it running around getting stuff last-minute. I want to spend it baking, catching up, giving hugs, and (yes) sending and receiving snail mail.

This year, I’m thinking photo cards. I’ve gone back and forth about this in the past. On the one hand, a photo card seems so narcissistic. On the other hand, I keep and display the photo cards I get from family and friends much longer than I do the others. And when I found out that bloggers get 50 free Christmas cards this year from Shutterfly, I knew I’d have to give it a try!

Here’s what I’m thinking . . .(all images courtesy of Shutterfly and linked there — check it out!)


This one?


This one is probably my favorite. I like the mixture of fonts, and I like text as a decoration in general. We’re kind of words, people, you know? I also really love that you only need one photo. It’s just us — no kids, no dogs — it would seem excessive to send out a card with multiple pictures of the two of us on it, don’t you think?


This one?


Green is The Professor’s favorite color, and I like that the year is included on the front. It will also go well with the outdoors-y pic I plan to use.


This one?

Okay. I might have just changed my mind. This one is so simple and it would look awesome with a black/white or sepia picture. I just played around on the website with a few pics from the past year, and I love it!


All of the cards I like are folded cards, so there’s room for more pics/text/signatures on the inside, and all of Shutterfly’s paper is sustainably forested. Treat!

Decisions, decisions . . .

If you’re a blogger, I’d love to see which cards you like for you and your family/friends!