After much drama, I have finally replaced my old 2000 Ford Focus, which I never really liked, with a 2003 hybrid Honda Civic. It’s everything I wanted in a new-to-me car. Now all I need is a name. So you understand  the importance of some good name mojo for this little car, let’s review my tumultuous car history.

  • Kate — She was  an  ’89 Camry, named for the girl at school who owned her before I did, and an awesome Ben Folds Five song. We definitely had our problems. Sometimes she overheated when I had to go to work. But I always loved her. Once, she was rear-ended so hard that I couldn’t use her trunk anymore, but she kept right on. Two accidents, however, were too much. I donated her to a church and  moved  on.
  • Fred — He was a ’00 Focus, and we hit it off right away. He was blue, like Kate, but his lines were so sleek and modern to me at the time. And he had a CD player. This, my friends, was a big deal. I remember the CD I put in on the way home from the dealer.  It was Nickel Creek, and it sounded so good. I remember being  excited about not having a Walkman plugged into my dash and having windshield wipers that worked. When the air stopped working, I was disenchanted, but I never  imagined that our time was almost up. (Otherwise, I wouldn’t have replaced the tires.)
  • Gertrude — She, too, was a ’00 Focus. We were only together out of necessity,  and I named her after the woman who chose NOT to stop at that red light on that fateful summer day,the day I lost Fred. Tiff had to see a chiropractor, and I had to take insurance money and part with my cute blue car with the tan interior and new tires. Maybe I never even gave her a chance. Her air conditioner was horrible. I replaced it once and it broke again. When her heat went out, I replaced it, only for her transmission to go on the way home from the shop. Seriously. I happily donated her to St. Vincent’s. Good riddance.

As you can see, though I don’t love driving, I develop a relationship with my cars. Who knows where this one will take me? I’d like to give it a name with an unstoppable/immortal  feel. I’m hoping to keep this one around for a while. Ideas?