This weekend, The Professor and I visited a friend in Chicago. I took zero pictures. It was great. Sometimes, it’s nice to just live for the moment, focusing on the experience at hand, rather than hurriedly attempting to capture it in case I forget anything. Sometimes, I wonder if my love for cameras, photos, and memory books is all just based on fear. Maybe I’m afraid that tomorrow won’t be as awesome as today, and that’s why I’ve got to have it all documented, you know? Anyone else?


Fine. I’m just a little nuts.

It’s cool.



Our fabulous/gorgeous tour-guide/hostess took us all around, ensuring that we got the best of the city: a little pizza, a little museum-exploring, and, of course, some local entertainment. It was such a treat to catch up with one of my best girlfriends, to travel with The Professor, and to get away for the long weekend!

Since I have no evidence of the trip, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite photos from the last time I visited Chicago.

. . . makes me miss summer . . . (sigh!)