I’ve been bummed about the fact that my work schedule has been so ridiculous that I haven’t gotten the chance to run as much as I would like this year. Last year at this time, I was already training hardcore for the Flying Pig Half. This year, it’s rare that I get a few 5K’s in during the course of a week.

Going into today’s 10K in Louisville (my 3rd annual Rodes City Run), I was ready to see a decrease in my pace from last year. I’m still bracing myself for this with the upcoming Papa John’s 10-miler, and the Flying Pig Half. I woke up this morning and put in my sneakers thinking of this running season the way I’m thinking of this school year: with too much going on, I might need to be happy with a finish. It’s okay if I don’t break any records or even make a personal best.

However . . .

I totally beat last year’s time by 3o seconds! What now, busy schedule?

  • Time: 57:50
  • Overall Place: 2,739/7,949
  • Gender Place: 876/4,430
  • Division Place: 200/704