I haven’t felt much like blogging lately. Sometimes I feel like it’s pointless, but then sometimes I feel like the openness/transparency it creates is healthy. So here I am. Blogging.

Tonight, I’m reflecting on my spring break, which was fabulous. I didn’t go on an expensive trip or anything, but I still managed to use it (I think) well! What did I do, you say?

  • SLEEP! I got so much sleep this week. It was amazing.
  • Running: still training for the Flying Pig (half only, folks).
  • Reading: I’m working through the gospels during Lent with The Professor. Thought-provoking stuff. Every time.
  • Visits: I spent a day with The Professor in the city where he teaches, some time in Lexington with Jenna, and had lunch with Dana in Louisville!
  • Shopping: Wednesday was a great mother/daughter day with yoga, Olive Garden, and some retail therapy.
  • Housework: laundry, bathrooms, floors, dusting, even some baking/cooking! Look at me – a regular housewife! I even made The Professor’s lunch for work a couple times. Today, while The Professor was out doing our yard work, I taught myself to make crepes! (Hooray, allrecipes!)
  • Grading: totally lame, I know, but it’s tough for an English teacher to stay ahead of this stuff. I’m pretty much all caught up!
  • Budgeting: thanks to google docs (love), I’m taking more ownership of our money stuff. Usually, since I HATE money, I just let The Professor do this, but I’ve decided I want to be more responsible, or at least more aware, of what I’m doing with it.
  • Ew: After an expensive consultation, I learned that I need an even more expensive oral surgery. For sure. That was probably the worst part of spring break. It looks like we’ll have to take care of that during the summer.
Tomorrow it’s back to work for about seven weeks and then we’ll see what summer brings!